Bellbirds Early Learning Centre, a place where families belong.



 Children are at the heart of everything we do at Bellbirds. This is achieved by the following pedagogy:

a.The Rights of the Child (UNCRC, 1989) are respected and valued at all times.

b.Children’s voices are valued.

 c.Children are supported to participate in a connected and inclusive environment.

 d.Children’s interests are valued and are at the core of our programs and practices. 

 e.Supporting children to achieve physical, emotional and social wellbeing during their time at Bellbirds.

 2.     Families and Community

 We encourage and support family and community involvement in all aspects of Bellbirds operation. We achieve this by:

a.Developing and maintaining positive relationships with our families and local community.

b.Providing regular opportunities for families and extended families to participate at Bellbirds.

c.Families home and community life is linked with our everyday practice. 

d.Acknowledging and respecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives and global diversity within Bellbirds.

e.Inviting our families and local and wider community into Bellbirds.

f.Supporting our children to engage and gain knowledge in our local community.

g.Supporting charities in our local community. 

3.     Program and Practice

The essence of our programs and daily practices are informed and guided by our children, their families, community and the Bellbirds educators. Programs and practice are developed using the following holistic elements:

a.Providing ongoing opportunities for family input through various communication mediums.

b.Observing, encouraging, enhancing and supporting children’s interests. 

c.Using the Early Years Learning Framework, the National Quality Standard, Bellbirds Policies and Procedures and the Education and Care Services National Regulations to support our professional pedagogy.

d.Utilising current early childhood research and acknowledged early childhood theorists, along with Bellbirds centre philosophy and educator’s personal philosophies.

 4.     Environmental Awareness

Bellbirds are enthusiastic about developing their environmental awareness. We are constantly striving to be environmentally responsible and achieve this by:

a.Teaching respect, care and empathy for the environment.

b.Redistributing and recycling food and product waste.

c.Planting and growing produce and plants.

d.Energy and water saving practices.

e.Ongoing education for educators and children about the environment.

f.Encouraging professional and community input to enhance our current practices.


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